Savannah Reunion and Plaque Dedication Ceremony

The brass plate on the 445th BG bench at the Mighty Eighth Museum 2. Honor Guard (Kleeman Photo)
Marilyn Dewey waits for the ceremony to begin (Kleeman Photo)
Bill Mitchell speaks (Kleeman Photo)
Kleeman Photo
Kleeman Photo
Ira Weinstein, right, gets a hand from museum staff (Kleeman Photo)
Erlyn Jensen and Craig Kleeman on The Bench(Kleeman Photo)
Rev. Schulte gives a benediction (Kleeman Photo)
Bill Mitchell(Kleeman Photo)
Jima Sparks, Ray Lemons (Kleeman Photo)
Ray Lemons (Kleeman Photo)
Linda Dewey, photographer Jennifer Reardon, Jean and Ray Lemons, Joan Mitchell (Kleeman Photo)
Kleeman Photo