Gallery: Wayne Allen's Photos

Captain Wayne Allen
1944 - Prestwick Scotland The Lebra for 445th
1945 - Captain Jack Marsh 100th BG
703rd Sq Team Capt Paul Bob
Toeppe Sq Nav and Lt Hand 703rd
1945- Captain Leo Brandt
Sq Engineering Officer
Armament shop
1944- Captain Howard
Ehart in a depot at Prestwick
Wayne Allen in copilot seat,
Ehart's friend, Lt HowardE hart,
known as EL to R
1944 - near Cambridge 445th
B 24 Crash found in wheat field
1945 - Captain Allen Reed S-2 Officer
1945 - Far left: Bob Toeppe, Max Jones, 4th
From Rt Capt Jacobi S2,
5th From Rt Capt Allen Reed S2
1945 - From left: Capt
Jacobi S2, Capt Hayes 700
armament, Capt Brandt 702
engineering, Capt Crandall
700 executive, Capt McClure Group armament
1945 - Captain Wayne Allen
on decks on way home
1945 - Chateau Thierry
hospital ship being towed
from pier by tug